Working from home isn’t everything it’s made out to be...

  You’re lonely
  You’re less productive and distractions are a real danger
  Everything is up to you – from your internet connection to keeping the office clean
  You lack likeminded entrepreneurial thinkers who understand your goals and dreams
  You miss out on business-building and professional collaboration opportunities

The nature of work is changing—it’s being outsourced, casualised and decentralised—coworking fills the gaps being created when you no longer have a permanent workplace or colleagues.

Coworking is the remedy to the social isolation and lack of infrastructure often experienced by professionals who work from home or by themselves.

Whether it’s café coworking or purposeful spaces with professional infrastructure, there’s a range of coworking activities and spaces operating in the Yarra Ranges region to fulfil:

  Your need for human contact and support
  Your need for collaboration to grow and develop in your work
  Your need for infrastructure and better productivity
  Your need for inspiration and motivation

"I came to Ranges Coworking for companionship and ended up with a Copywriting business!"

Leigh B.

"I work at the coworking space to be amongst people who are motivated and forward-looking, which gets me out of my own head whilst working at home."

Allie A.

"A helpful, generous & inspiring bunch of folks! Give it a go!"

Paul D.

The Ranges Coworking Vision

To create a network of people and collaborative spaces across the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley in the spirit of the global movement of Coworking.

We're passionate about the future of work and supporting independents, entrepreneurs, remote workers and creative, collaborative people. 

We believe everyone should have access to high-quality coworking spaces and communities in their local area, full of diverse and amazing people who bring their best selves to work.

Our aim is to create these environments and opportunities for Yarra Ranges locals without needing to commute into the city.

Convenient Local Collaborative Spaces

Yarra Ranges folk aren’t city dwellers or inner suburbanites - we live on the fringes of the suburbs, in the hills and the rural areas for good reason.

This lends us a unique perspective - and creates different needs for places to meet, to make, to work and to collaborate. 

Our coworking spaces need to cater for all types and work styles. Over time we will build several spaces to cater for the different niches that we find in the Hills and Valley. 

You will find it both comfortable and inspiring to collaboratively work amongst like-minded and complementary colleagues.

It’s our goal to make work better, so we deliver the infrastructure as well as the community to make this happen.


Meetups, Workshops and Events

Do you crave companionship with like-minded people? Or just a conversation that’s not with the dog?

We run a range of events where you can meet real people in real life and share stories and experiences. They bring our community closer together and help us all be better in our professional lives.

Our informal coworking meetups are great for anyone at any stage of their business or professional journey. 

You’re bound to find someone who just “gets you” amongst our diverse and experienced members.

Membership includes the ability for you to advertise and also to run workshops, round tables and other events that are of interest to our membership or the wider community.

"Working independently, not alone"