Chapter Three

More passion, that’s what we need!

And that’s exactly what we got from the most recent instalment of coworking in the Yarra Ranges. Our Hills Coworking Wednesdays are fast becoming ‘part of the furniture’ in our working weekly rituals.

As an aside from the actual work that was getting done, we had a back and forth about the possibilities of using the existing facilities at the Olinda Golf Course to provide a temporarily permanent (!) space. The Hon. James Merlino MP has invited some of us lucky local residents to a ‘town hall’ type meeting on Tuesday night to suggest ideas on how to use the former golfing site.

olinda-commons-bannerWell we have just such an idea, and born out of the spirit of global coworking’s values of collaboration and cooperation, we have joined forces with some local permaculture and growers groups to form the Olinda Commons Community Alliance or ‘The OC’ for short, pardon the pun…

We know that if Parks Vic, who is the current manager of the land, handed us the keys to the clubhouse, that we’d run an awesome community space and coworking venue – however the big, hairy caveat is that we’d need to take on the whole 84 acres of steep, old golf course and we’re probably better at what we individually do than being farmers or horticulturists…

So we have joined forces with a few local growers groups who are very, very good at getting their hands dirty and we put our combined vision up on a website. It’s also complete with a grass-roots petition to put the word out and rally people to the cause. Find it at

We’re hoping to convince the Mr Merlino and Parks Vic to allow us to form a community representative group and draft a proposal for them to consider. We also need some time to flesh out our vision with detail, and provide a credible alternative to a wholly commercial initiative that doesn’t serve the local community as well as we could do it for ourselves.

With the combination of business acumen, land management mojo, creative energy and community spirit that we’ve summoned so far, we can’t imagine not getting this done.

Though our coworking space is only part of the entire vision for the Olinda Commons, we can already see an amazing array of local business, community, sustainability and artistic ideas bubbling to the surface. We can’t wait to hang out daily with all those people – let’s wait and see how the meeting goes!