Getting social

So we made some inroads into spreading the idea of coworking in the Yarra Ranges last week and it went well. I had several people message me, a few complete the intro survey, a few sign up for the mailing list and a lot more likes on facebook.

I’ve had a lot more love from Facebook than I did from Meetup, wonder if that’s a pointer to the demographic in the Ranges? or merely an indication of where the good people in the Yarra Ranges spend their social time.

In the interests of broadening the places where people could hear about us, I’ve duplicated the same messaging over Facebook, Meetup and here at this website. I’ll be interested to see where the most interaction happens…

In the interests of de-duplication, I removed the intro survey from the meetup website and moved it to SurveyMonkey where I can trackĀ the responsesĀ and also where the referrals came from.

Hopefully I’ll be able to reach as many Ranges local people as I can and get them involved in coworking locally. It doesn’t work without the community!

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