Becoming a member of a coworking community is an instant introduction to a better working life.

You may think that you're just paying for a desk – but you’re actually investing in: 

 Human contact
Companions who get you
Potential collaborations
New ideas and a future focus
A bias towards productivity
A supportive environment where people want to see you succeed

You're not just joining a website, an e-commerce store or a mailing list - you're joining a community of likeminded people that you can actually meet in real life and share experiences with.

We've got only one membership option: You self-select into joining a community of awesome people who have similar goals, similar problems and love to listen and help.

Becoming a member of Ranges Coworking is free,

though it is significant.

To us it means that you have chosen to value your time, your work and your relationships and that you, like us, believe that work is better when it's done together.

It's up to you to contribute as much as you see fit and to reap the benefits of a community of likeminded people.

Watching from the sidelines is okay - we'll keep you informed of what's happening in our community, send you invitations to special events and provide access to our online groups and forums.

Though, the real magic happens when you show up, when you interact, when you bring your best self and push yourself forward in the company of others.

Choose Your Own Adventure!


Ranges Community Membership

 Café meetups
 Online access
 Event invitations
 Members-only coworking daily rate

from $25 per day

Ranges Casual Coworking

 Café meetups
 Online access
 Event invitations
Discounted coworking passes in bulk
Ad hoc access to all YRCW spaces
Bulk packs valid for a generous period

from $140 per month

Ranges Subscription Coworking

 Café meetups
 Online access
 Event invitations
Access to all YRCW coworking spaces
Large reserved desk with storage
 Business address and mail service
 Wired network and desk phone available
 Access anytime with own swipe/key

Move your office out of your home permanently!

This is probably the best decision you can make for your business' growth - short of leasing your own office.

Leasing brings its own hassles though, as well as a multi-year contract and unforgiving landlords.

We provide the infrastructure, the environment and the people that make your workdays more awesome.

Come to work at an office away from the distractions of the house. Recover your spare bedroom and make it your home once again.

For $500 per month on a rolling subscription, you get it all:

Anytime access, a large desk with personal storage, fixed infrastructure and the freedom to make your space your own.

Become a resident member and benefit from the transformational global trend of coworking.

Reach out if this sounds like you.

Coworking is a Mindset

It is a growth mindset that recognises that working alongside others is vastly better than working alone.

The decision to join a coworking community is a recognition that your personal performance and therefore your business performance is enhanced just by being around other like-minded people.

You get more than a place to work—you get a community dedicated to supporting independents, freelancers, small teams, business owners and remote workers.

Coworking is still new—and it’s growing in double digit numbers every year as people from all walks of life find that the right community has benefits to offer them and help them prosper. 

Coworkers share many qualities—above all the belief that work is better when it's done together.

Are we YOUR Tribe??

The global coworking movement and our own local community is built upon 5 core values:

  • Community - everyone needs their own space, though everyone should also contribute to making the community an awesome place to hang out. We want you to love to come to work!
  • Openness - we try to live this as far as possible by working in open offices, using open source software and making our spaces, prices, workshops and events as open, transparent and inclusive as possible.
  • Collaboration - everyone has something to give and everyone can learn from someone else. Often our members engage other members as service providers or as project partners. We reckon that coworking is an awesome place to learn to work well with others, even if you run a one-person business! 
  • Sustainability - we don't just mean green! We foster sustainability in every sense, including the one that means that you get paid for your work so that you can survive to provide services to others. We're also great big fans of being efficient in our use of energy and being conscious about the waste we produce.
  • Accessibility - our global coworking community is so unique precisely because of its incredible diversity. The one thing that most coworkers have in common is a desire to be there - they self-select membership to a community because they derive continuous value from merely being a part of it. Each coworking space may offer a slightly different value proposition or cater for certain niches, though coworking as a movement is accessible to almost anyone with any skill and experience level.

We hope that our members will foster some or all of these qualities in their work and their time within our spaces.