1 day per week
Monthly Subscription


Part-time 1-day per week membership at your preferred local coworking space – recurring monthly subscription.



1-day per week resident membership at your preferred local coworking space on a recurring monthly subscription.

For those who can work outside of their normal workplace and closer to home, one day per week.

Best for people who like the structure of selecting a day-per-week to cowork with regular colleagues.

Great option for those budding entrepreneurs looking to set aside one day per week to push a side-gig venture forward.

Full use of the space during business hours –¬†clean-desk policy applies (take it or store it after work), as someone else may be using the desk when you’re not there.

Simplified administration which helps if a sponsor will pay – billed monthly by subscription to a credit card or by invoice.

Negotiate with the boss once, then set and forget!