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Designed for you to get stuff done.

Shared Office Space in Montrose

Our Montrose coworking space is set in the northern foothills of the Dandenong Ranges with a professional fit and feel - ideal as your workspace out of the house.


Share with Humans

Work amongst other local likeminded people who work hard, but also make it worthwhile coming to work. Conversations with the dog or cat won't help you work better and loneliness is a downer - get out of the house!

Focus on Growth

The Montrose office is designed to help make you and your work better. Whether you're just turning the handle or rebuilding from scratch - you'll find inspiration, conversation and assistance from your coworkers.

Permanent Desk

Make this workspace your own. Bring your stuff, set it up once, then stay productive with a distraction-free office away from home. Flexible plans and reasonable pricing make it easy to get started.

Why Montrose?

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur, or someone running a small business from home and seeking a professional office space to provide your business with the room to grow?

Nestled within a quiet suburban street surrounded by trees is the Ranges Coworking Space in Montrose.

This office is perfect for writers, graphic designers, web professionals, sales executives and anyone else who needs a comfortable environment away from the distractions of home and elsewhere.

We host networking meetups, mastermind groups, business and practical skills workshops and other regular social gatherings in our event space.

We’ve designed this office to be geared towards productivity. It’s deliberately not located in a high traffic zone to reduce distractions, though it is close enough to everything you need.

Ranges Coworking Montrose is located in a commercial zone within the residential area between Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and Canterbury Road. It's on the way to everywhere else if you live in the foothills of the mountain.

There is plenty of free parking for both you and your clients and if you live nearby, only a short morning commute with no congested traffic snarls.

Unlike some of the other trendier coworking spaces, we’ve used quality, fit for purpose ergonomic furniture that you can use all day and still walk afterwards.

We provide a generous amount of workspace so that you can move in and ‘nest’ your business into the office without having to cart it around in the car with you.

The office is located adjacent to local parklands, schools and walking trails, making it easy to incorporate exercise and mindfulness into your working day.

Lunch is easy to bring in and prepare in the modern kitchen, though Montrose shops is also just a 10-minute walk where decent coffee, great sandwiches and a supermarket can be found.

Montrose Coworking space is also the headquarters of Ranges Australia, which provides many other business services and curates a network of local business professionals - making this coworking space an easy way to get support and do better business in the hills.

What's there?

We've made this space ready for you to move in.

Work for a day or a year in our productivity focused office.

Generous Sized Workspaces

Work at a real sized desk, not a benchtop.
Spread out, bring your big screens and sit in a proper ergonomic chair.
Shelving and optional lockable storage included so that you can bring your stuff and make it your permanent workplace.

Access Anytime

We know that modern work isn't 9 - 5.
Resident members get a personal key and access anytime to their desk.
Our Montrose space is small enough that you know and trust your coworkers to mind your gear.

comfortable and connected

Our brand new building has automated reverse-cycle A/C and both task and space lighting for long-term productivity.
Solid internet access, big screen and streaming tunes. Modern kitchen, change facilities and comfy couches to break-out.

Try our Montrose Coworking Space today!

There's never been a better time to get out of the house and into a productive workspace.

The Ranges Coworking Space in Montrose is located at:

5 Currawong Road, Montrose VIC 3765

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