Our First Coworking Space is Open!

“Tempus Fugit” is a latin phrase that describes the fleeting nature of time.

Time Flies!

It’s been more than three years since Yarra Ranges Coworking first came into being.

It’s been at least a year that we’ve been seriously looking for a premises to open our first coworking space in the region.

We tried to buy a house, we tried to lease an old golf club, we tried to buy a cafe business and we even considered a warehouse.

We came up against out-dated planning restrictions, greedy landlords, unscrupulous lawyers and many other hurdles – no one ever said it was going to be easy and we can vouch for the fact that it wasn’t!

We started our coworking community in the Dandenong Ranges and we’ll eventually move out into the Yarra Valley as well, though our first space was always intended to be in the hills.

We got pretty close…

Our first Yarra Ranges Coworking Space is now open in Montrose!!

It’s located in a quiet, leafy street in Montrose at 5 Currawong Road, which has easy access to both Canterbury Road and the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road – it’s so new that Google Street View hasn’t even got a photo yet! Rest assured it’s there…

Our new space is a brand new build, so it’s clean, warm and well equipped with a great feel and finish.

We’ve fit it out with larger desks than we needed to so that we don’t sardine our members and everything has a professional, modern look.

We installed an automatic coffee machine and we have a rock solid wifi network – the two essentials to good coworking.

We have our own printing and scanning facilities and a small meeting space, great for meeting clients, hosting workshops and making presentations.

There’s also plenty of free parking close to the front door and very little traffic passing by.

During our search, our main goal was to find and create a place where we would be happy to go to work every day that wouldn’t result in too many compromises:

We think we’ve found it.