Coworking Spaces in the Yarra Ranges

Getting out of the home-office can be one of the most satisfying moves a business owner or remote-worker can make.

Working from a coworking space solves the loneliness that we can experience when working only from home. It also helps you separate your working life from your home life so you can stay mentally healthy.

It can signal new beginnings in your work and help you stay focused by eliminating the distractions of home.

We have created fantastic shared office and coworking facilities in the Yarra Ranges region that allow you to thrive in your work and collaborate with others for mutual gain.

Each of our spaces is fitted out as a productive workspace and has everything that your home office has and more – we also bring other awesome people, so we can all work better together.

The benefits of Coworking speak for themselves:

get more done
Mental Health
solve your loneliness problem
separate work from home

Our Spaces

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Other Spaces

The ideal workspace means different things to different people - choosing a shared office or coworking space can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.  Consider the ancient wisdom of Maroon5, who sang: "It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along."

And whilst we don't recommend living by the prophecies of boy band lyrics, the lesson here on compromise is sound: Just getting started is miles better than waiting for the perfect one that never comes.

The criteria you'll use today for deciding on your perfect space will be vastly different from the one you'll make tomorrow after you've tried a few spaces on for size.

Though we'd love you to come and work with us in our rad coworking community and spaces, we understand that we can't be everywhere and everything to everyone.

Even though you may think that travelling more than 20 minutes to get to work is a chore - especially compared to the 10 step commute to your home office - we promise that the people, environment and vibe of a shared space will provide something that you just can't get at home.

Some of the other coworking options that may be closer to you within the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges are listed below:

Embrace the Shared Workspace!

Choose a space dedicated to productivity...

You’ll work in well-equipped offices that provides a bias towards productivity and connection with others. You’ll have a generously sized desk in a comfortable space with all the tools you’ll need to get your work done and push you forward.

Our shared office spaces are designed to be appropriate for the task at hand. You’ll find quality furnishings and fittings, solid networks and web access, printing and scanning facilities, meeting and telephone spaces and coffee on demand to keep your workday flowing.

The result?

By choosing to share an office with great people, you’ll give yourself the best chance to get into your most productive zone quickly, away from the distractions of working from home, all while spending less that you would by leasing an office for yourself.

Choose connection with like-minded coworkers...

Join a tightly knit group of people who share the same interests and who engage and support each other. You’ll work with people that have the same drive, the same interests and shared challenges who offer mutual support and encouragement.

Our members are all there for the same reason – to work in a great space with great local people – they keep coming back because working amongst other people makes their work better. You’ll find a dazzlingly diverse array of coworkers, from online entrepreneurs to artists, from remote-workers to students.

The result?

The sheer breadth of skills and experience builds your professional support network and improves the quality of your decision-making. The office banter lifts your mood and provides a release from the stresses of making a living.

The Perks

24/7 Access

Resident members get their own key/swipe and 24hr access as needed.

Free Parking

Standard 'burbs parking applies - no need to pay to go to work.

Mail Service

Resident members can have mail delivered packages to their space.


Rock solid WiFi and wired internet access available at each location.

Tea and Coffee

Quality selection of teas and automatic coffee machine onsite.


Full use of the communal kitchen - bring your lunch.

Meeting Space

Bookable meeting spaces available at reasonable rates.

Simple Billing

Pay-by-the-Month or Casual billing options available.

"Who you hang out with determines your future success."Gary Vaynerchuk

Frequently Asked Questions

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