So we’ve had a great response from independent workers and business owners looking to network and have a better business life. We’ve got a host of regulars that meet on Wednesdays for coffees, lunch, independent work and good conversation. What we haven’t seen much of yet is the native Yarra Ranges Telecommuter.

This species is also endemic to the Yarra Ranges, but seems to be a little reclusive so far. We don’t think they are nocturnal, as most companies require them to work during the day, yet we haven’t met too many of them at our meetups. We assume they are stuck inside their burrows, hibernating with the ducted heating on and connected to their home wifi. We’re hoping that they might come out if we show them a little love and welcome them into our world!

So this week is all about the elusive Telecommuter.

Most of us used to work for big organisations before we strode out on our own, so we get it, a day out of the mothership is a blessing that can allow you to stay in your trackies all day and still get paid and be productive.

which one looks like more fun??

which one looks like more fun??

What we’d like to show you is that coworking isn’t just about running your own startup or small business, it can be great for people still employed by large companies. It’s also about getting energised, being exposed to different perspectives, learning new skills and getting to know people outside of your cloistered corporate circle.

So please don’t waste the privilege of a work-from-home day, come and share it and your story and experience with us at Yarra Ranges Coworking. We don’t bite and we’re friendly to the locals 🙂

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