Why coworking? and in the Yarra Ranges?

I’ve experienced coworking in the Melbourne CBD and in other cities around the world. I have a passion for it and the value it brings to my life. I believe it’s a great amalgam of work, mates and home that is all and neither of these things. It means I don’t have to separate my personal and professional personas. I don’t have to change into my work self when I swipe through the door.

I also love living in the Dandenong Ranges which, to anyone that lives here, needs no further explanation.

I’m now a freelancer in my work and I can largely work at home if I wish to or pursue my desire for collaboration and social interaction at one of Melbourne’s fine coworking spaces. Part of my reason for ‘going freelance’ has been to replace the narrow scope, constraints and exclusivity of corporate servitude with broadened professional horizons.

I’ve also always had a thing for living close to where I work, because I believe that the less we have to commute to earn a living, the better for our health, our roads, our economy and our environment. I was previously commuting to Burwood and to the CBD regularly. Which was okay for the short term, but not as a permanent fixture in my life. My ultimate aim is to live and work in the Ranges.

So the best solution to my own problem (without too much compromise) is to create a coworking space within the Yarra Ranges community to bring the best of coworking in the city out to the hills and valley. From such a space, I could work on my own projects in the company of good people and in a hills setting. I can’t imagine a better outcome.

Please comment below with your thoughts on my Yarra Ranges Coworking plan or drop me an email at [email protected]

Cheers, Brendan

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